“I started a new business in 2007.  I struggled with making the right decisions and organizing my days in an effort to maximize my time and energy.  I contacted Natasha in July of 2008 in order to explore the idea of hiring a coach.  Hiring Natasha has proved to be the best decision and investment in my business.  She has helped me navigate the manifold issues faced by a startup company.  Not only is she a sounding board to listen to my most immediate concerns but she keeps me focused on the long term goals as well.  I always eagerly anticipate the call I have with her each week.”  Mark Weeks

"I started working with Natasha because there were a couple of issues in my life that I had been ‘fretting’ about for a while.  I wanted someone with fresh insight and an unbiased outlook who could give me feedback and perhaps some suggestions for moving forward.  My experience with her has been far beyond what I had anticipated.  After the first few months, it seems like I don't even remember what some of those issues were and I've started working on projects that I never expected to address.  Natasha is clear and on-point; her comments, interpretations and assignments always address the issue at hand and move me forward.”  JH

"Natasha has provided me with personal coaching for over two years and always provides me with a multi-disciplinary approach to solving questions I have and direction I seek clarity on.  Her very detailed game plan for pursuing the best life I can have has proven time and time again to be ‘right on’. . She is knowledgeable, smart and fun, making it great to work with her time and time again. She is the first person I call when I need to work out the pros and cons of decisions and I inevitably find the best way to address my issues and concerns. With heart and persistence I have found her coaching to be very valuable to my success and my confidence.  It gives me great pleasure to recommend Natasha highly!" 

Nona Gross, Principal, Environscapes LLC

"I've never met anyone more interested in who people are and what makes them tick - that's probably what makes her a great Coach. She has an insatiable curiosity, keen listening skills and a genuine love of people that makes her coaching powerful AND inspiring!"  Terri Catlin, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker

“Life coaching with Natasha has me focused on what’s important to me and what I’m doing to get closer to my goals.  Through my coach I have established a plan for change from a different perspective.  I have the support necessary to confront the obstacles that have previously stopped me from reaching my goals.  In my coach, I have a powerful partner for facilitating the changes I want in my life.  Life Coaching is a powerful partnership formed between client and coach.  The support of that partnership has helped me more clearly define my goals, develop my plan to accomplish those goals and bring out the best in myself.  Yeah!”  Marcia Bransom, Financial Planner


“I’m an artist and I struggle with some of the things associated with that.  I can get lost in my creative work, forget appointments and feel overwhelmed, leaving nothing done.  However, I am the creative head of my own television production company.  See the conflict?  The guidance that I got from working with Life Coach Natasha Sherman gave me simple, creative skills that were easily implemented to accomplish these goals.  Something as simple as setting a timer when I begin a task, work became manageable and I felt in control of my business destiny again.  I find myself recommending these same techniques to fellow artists struggling with time management and feelings of overwhelm.   I would highly recommend Natasha Sherman to anyone needing tangible results.”  Sharyn Murray, Executive Producer, Locomotion Productions

“I want to share with you an amazing experience I underwent, as well as to introduce you to the person that helped make it possible.  Natasha Sherman is a personal coach and is someone who I’ve been working with during my final semester at Grad school.  She has played an important role in helping me stay the course and to accomplish what has been an otherwise monumental task.  Her coaching and support have opened my eyes to new possibilities and shown me how old patterns of thinking can hinder me from reaching my desired goals.  I recommend Natasha as somebody who can help make your dreams possible.  I took a chance and I am proud to say that she has played a big part in making my dreams a reality.”  George, Movement Therapist

“The coaching has provided me with the impetus to plan and follow through with my creative projects and on a deeper level to ferret out habits that I have wanted to uproot and unravel, to no avail on my own.  This coaching works.”  Ina Koch, Artist

“Natasha is the most amazing and effective Coach I know.  As a Coach myself, I know the value of coaching and the results it produces.  I have worked with Natasha as my Coach off and on over a period of years.  One of the most valuable things I can do when I am stuck, stopped, confronted, or just want to raise the bar and produce results with velocity; is to recognize that there is access to something other than the ordinary way the situation is or the way life is.  I know then that it’s time to work with my Coach.  Natasha knows what I am committed to and what I want to have happen in my life.  She always has that in mind when we work together so that we arrive at insights and effective and powerful strategies that make the difference and produce the results.”  Christine Kontos, Life Empowerment Coach

“My experience with having a Life Coach is far superior to other forms of self-help I’ve tried.  I was tired of hearing myself want to change situations in my life without meaningful results.  I had an extremely high-pressured intense job that functioned around unrealistic deadlines.  Natasha and I worked both on business and personal issues and she is extraordinary.  She is knowledgeable on a wide array of topics.  Her approach is supportive, loving, no nonsense, and most of all, non-judgmental.  As a result of the coaching, I developed better relationships with my colleagues; I learned how to delegate and to enlist people to take on projects, I learned to listen and not react and to come up with solutions instead.  I created a responsible and committed staff.  I’ve been better able to balance my business and personal life.”  Lisa, VP of Design & Product Development




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